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Here We Go Magic 'How Do I Know' by Sean Pecknold

David Knight - 11th May 2012

Sean Pecknold has created a wonderful video for a wonderful song - Here We Go Magic's How Do I Know.

Sean's best known for his animations, many for brother Robin's band Fleet Foxes, most recently the incredible epic video for The Shrine/An Argument. But here he shows a very nice touch with a live action video with a slightly surreal sensibility. It's a bizarre love triangle between a man, his wife and his robot - out in the Nevada desert...

Sean Pecknold

 "First god created human, then human created technology, then human created technology to look like human," says Sean.

"Then, years later I was driving from Joshua Tree to Palm Springs on the highway,
and my brother who was privy to the new Here We Go Magic record, said you have to hear this song. So he put it on and we listened to it a couple times all 5 of us smiling with the wind in our hair. Then literally as we pulled into the parking lot in Palm Springs I got a little message from the band about maybe doing a video for that very song. I thought the coincidence was a little strange.

"So I wanted to return to the strangeness and warmth of the Palm Springs area to
shoot a little story about a man torn between 2 choices in his life. When listening to the jam I kept seeing a human-like robot dancing on the side of the highway, so I incorporated that into a light-hearted, literal take on the question posed in the song.

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David Knight - 11th May 2012


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Sean Pecknold


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David Knight - 11th May 2012

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