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Feist 'The Bad In Each Other' by Martin De Thurah

David Knight - 1st Feb 2012

Martin De Thurah's epic new video for Feist's The Bad In Each Other - shot over five days in Mexico City, produced by Academy's promo division A+, in collaboration with Mexican production company The Lift, and beautifully shot by longtime De Thurah collaborator Kasper Tuxen - has the unmistakeable feel of scenes lifted from a sprawling, multi-storylined movie.

It's not from a movie, but Martin uses the technique to take compelling snapshots of the human condition; its sheer scope and ambition - and its mystery - means that it requires and rewards repeated viewings. 

Martin De Thurah:

"The video captures glimpses of something human. It opens up a world of relations between people - could be loss, longing and love. A lot of things which are about being a human being. It is told in a way where it opens up more aspects than it concludes.

"We get a peek inside something real between people. Maybe something we cant grasp, but it points at it or touches it and leaves us with different kinds of emotions. You could think about the video like a song or a poem, and different people will connect to different things - and those connections might be different from time to time when they watch it."

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David Knight - 1st Feb 2012


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Martin De Thurah
Production Company


Director of Photography
Kasper Tuxen


Mikkel E G Nielsen


Post Producer
BaconX / Jonas Drehn


Jannie McInnes

David Knight - 1st Feb 2012

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