David Knight - 25th Oct 2011

Jack King has made no less than four videos for To Kill A King's new EP My Crooked Saint - one for each track - that both stand alone but also work together. Set over the course of one day, on one suburban estate in Yorkshire. The central running theme concerns a select group of lost-souls who live on the same street; whose individual sensibilities and perceptions about themselves, others around them and the estate they live on lead them to each create their own unique realities.

1) Bloody Shirt
2) We Use To Protest
3) Family
4) Wrecking Crew

"I think with some of the band and myself being from Yorkshire meant that when we get enough money for one good video, we must make four videos with it, one for every song on the EP - and they all must be different, like four stand-alone music videos, but which also you could put together to make a 20-min short film. So myself and Ralph [the singer] set about writing something halfway between his brief and my pitch, and about a week later we were all on estate with the gypsies and their horses, having breakfast in the nephew of famous dead playwright Andrea Dunbar's house, sat at a table looking through the 30-plus page shot-list...

"The next four days are sort of a blur but I owe it to all the amazing, talented and generous people involved that we got it done. We were basically shooting rehearsals in some parts, and doing most things in only one take, so I felt incredibly lucky with the actors we had who just kept nailing it, as well as an awesome camera team who got pretty much everything right first time, and Karl and Steph who kept me sane in all the chaos.

"The whole thing just felt like a mad puzzle, as we were shooting scenes from two separate or even three separate videos all next to each other, so it was a nightmare trying to keep track of continuity and story. I can't wait to do just one video."


DirectorJack King
ProducerStephanie Zari
Production ManagerHollie Rebecca Bryan
Executive ProducerDavid Beazley
Production CompanyRUN Productions
1st ADKarl Hall
2nd ADM
Art DirectorDaniel Johnstone, Gemma Spittle
Asst stylistLynsey Barwick, Rebecca Smith
Make-upAmy Louise Ellen
Director of PhotographyMikolaj Jaroszewicz
Focus PullerRobin Webster
GafferTim Jordan
DITMichael Pentney
EditorJack King
ColouristJason De Vyea @ RUN

David Knight - 25th Oct 2011

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