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Horrible Crowes 'Behold The Hurricane' by Corin Hardy

Horrible Crowes 'Behold The Hurricane' by Corin Hardy

David Knight - 22nd Sept 2011

NME have called Corin Hardy's video for Horrible Crowes' Behold The Hurricane "the biggest nervous breakdown in a pop video since Bittersweet Symphony." And featuring a searing performance by actor Joseph Mawle (Game Of Thrones, The Passion, Red Riding, The Street), as a man sinking into a personal hell as he drives through the bleak landscape of the Thames Estuary, it's hard to disagree.

The intensity of Mawle's performance grabs you by the throat, but it's not just gritty realism - even more chillingly his personal demon appears, for a horrible confrontation...

"I've been a fan of The Gaslight Anthem for some time, so when Brian Fallon, the singer, got in touch about his new project the Horrible Crowes' first release, I said I'd do anything I could to make it happen," explains Corin. "I wrote a simple narrative based around themes of regret, guilt & redemption that I took from the Hurricane of the title. My idea stemmed from a man overcome with the first two and in search of the last.

"I knew I needed an incredible singular performance and wrote it with Joseph Mawle in mind. Despite having only one day off from a six week World War 1 drama to prepare for our intensive shoot, thankfully Joe agreed, and together with DOP Ula Pontikos & a small band of heroes, we set off into the dark depths of Tillbury together to find a demon.

"I also managed to rope in my friend and regular illustration collaborator David Lupton, working alongside Alice Dupre for the said handmade animated element and like to thank Amarjeet Singh for the last minute After Effects work."

Watch 'Horrible Crowes 'Behold The Hurricane' by Corin Hardy' here

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David Knight - 22nd Sept 2011


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David Knight - 22nd Sept 2011

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