Jimmy Brown - 28th July 2011

J Majik and Wickaman team up with award-winning photographer Josh Cole for the summer anthemic In Pieces, featuring vocalist Dee Freer for an extraordinary video - shot on the streets of Rwanda and Burundi.

Having begun his career as a hip-hop photographer, Josh is well known for his hard-hitting reportage work with subcultures and subjects including street gangs, gypsies, breakdancers and graffiti artists from across the globe (as well as now shooting advertising and fashion). For the past six years, he's been shooting a personal project called 'Physical Graffiti' about street dancers from around the world. As an extension of this project, he decided to return to Rwanda to shoot a film about the dancers there and in neighbouring Burundi.

Josh first visited Rwanda to do a story for The Independent on his old friend Dicken Marshall, who went to Rwanda to start a 'fair trade' recording studio and record label, www.rafikirecords.com . Dicken then acted as producer on this film and introduced Josh to the best dancers in the region. The video was shot in the most deprived and poorest parts of the country's capitals, Kigali and Bujumbura.

The idea of the film is to show the positive energy that is still prevalent in areas of deprivation, which is a central theme of Josh Cole's work. The result is a powerful eye-opening documentary - and a powerful Ministry of Sound video.


DirectorJosh Cole
ProducerDicken Marshall
Director of PhotographyLuke Jacobs (DoP)
Camera operatorSunil Kupperi
Post ProducerKieve Ducharme @ Greyworks
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
CommissionerMinistry of Sound

Jimmy Brown - 28th July 2011

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