David Knight - 27th Apr 2011

His video for To Kill A King’s Cold Skin was his first shown here. Now Jack King’s first video at Run Productions is the Yorkshire band’s Fictional State – their first release since signing to Virgin Records. And it’s nothing less than a sprawling, decidedly non-linear epic of family life, involving love, hate and quite possibly attempted murder, all set in one home.

“I’d been listening to an old demo of the track for over a year before they got signed, so I was pretty elated to get asked to make the video for it,” says Jack. “The band wanted the video shot up north, so we shot it in a house in Bradford that had been empty for 23 years – home only to the occasional glue enthusiast.

“We had a great mix of talented crew from the north and south, and it was the first time I’d not suffered heart problems so it clearly worked! I loved how everyone mucked in and grafted solidly for two days, especially how half the crew went behind the call of duty and played roles in the video which I feel a bit bad about but I’m sure they enjoyed it really.

“Elliot, the 1st AD and producer played the director when scheduling changes meant the actor penned in couldn’t make it, Anna the art director played the midwife, Ralph’s (singer) dad played the priest, and the audience at the end was all of us.

“It was weird because that was also the last scene we filmed – it was a surreal, multi-layered, self – fulfilling thing that was really symbolic to me because of what the whole thing is about.”

- See more at: http://www.promonews.tv/2011/04/27/to-kill-a-king%e2%80%99s-fictional-state-by-jack-king/#sthash.jkubnKHu.dpuf


DirectorJack King
Production CompanyRUN Productions
Director of PhotographyBrian Fawcett
2nd ADHollie Bryan
SteadicamAndy Johnson
Focus PullerNick Everett
DITRob Shaw
GafferTheo Milford
Art DirectorAnna Mould
RunnerDan Straw, M
EditorJack King
ColouristRUN Productions
CommissionerNicola Brown
Director's RepresentationDavid Beazley @ RUN
ProducerElliott Tagg
1st ADElliott Tagg

David Knight - 27th Apr 2011

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