Jimmy Brown - 21st Mar 2011

Clocking up over 100,000 hits on Youtube in just three days, Ian Bonhote's promo for Alex Clare's Too Close is a martial arts extravaganza and a seamless match for the pulsing epic dubstep...

Watch 'Alex Clare's Too Close by Ian Bonhote' here

PRO Credits


DirectorIan Bonhote?
Executive ProducerHannah Clark?
ProducerStacy Vaughan
Production Companyordin
Director of PhotographyJonas Mortensen
Production ManagerEmma Copeland?
Director's RepresentationOB Management
Art DirectorVicky Hurley?
StylistJess Bell?
ColouristJames Tillett
ColouristPrime Focus

Jimmy Brown - 21st Mar 2011

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