David Knight - 17th Dec 2010

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond's latest for Fujiya & Miyagi's Yo Yo - from the new album Ventriloquizzing - features Luke Roberts as the dextrous king of the spool and string. He's not the only talented performer in the video (the cast includes a ventriloquist, appropriately) but the only one who happens to be a homicidal maniac.
And Casey and Ewan have also made a Christmas-flavoured viral for the forthcoming F&M album - incorporating a giant grotto made of bread that Casey created for an art exhibition at the G39 gallery in Cardiff. Yes, that's a grotto made of bread.

And as well as the dummy from the Yo Yo video, that features a refugee from Ewan & Casey's amazing video for John Grant's Marz. Someone give these guys a proper budget to play with please.


DirectorCasey & Ewan
Director of PhotographyNic Booth
RunnerLouise Mason & Cyrus Mustapha
CommissionerNigel Adams

David Knight - 17th Dec 2010

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