Jimmy Brown - 26th May 2010

A hit for Don Fardon back in the 70s and used in Five Alive's 'dancing dodo' tv commercial, the drinks company thought it would be exciting to make a fullscale music video of it - and what a cracker.

"The week before the shoot, hoodlums broke in and stole all the copper pipes - so the whole ground floor was under an inch of water. A few days later, the miscreants broke back in and set fire to the place - possibly an over-enthusiastic attempt to get rid of the flood damage. Then they celebrated by having a fight with lots of margarine. Their weapon of choice: Bertolli.

"But Sam and Arthur tidied it all up, and so the actual shoot went just fine. The old people had a grand time trotting around all day, Don Fardon popped round and had a cameo as the gardener, and amazingly we didn't have to cut any shots. Proper ballet dancer Patrick Wood was clearly brilliant in the lead role, Denzil Armour-Brown lit everything beautifully and speedily, Jim Cole ran the set like clockwork, while if Tamsin Glasson hadn't been producing I don't know what would have happened".


DirectorTom Kingsley
ProducerTamsin Glasson
Director of PhotographyDenzil Armour
ChoreographerAlex Reynolds
StylistHannah Glossop
1st ADJim Cole
EditorTom Kingsley
ColouristJames Bamford
Post ProducerMunky
Director's RepresentationVCCP

Jimmy Brown - 26th May 2010

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