David Knight - 12th May 2009

Dizzee may be bonkers, but Popcore's video for Dizzee's Bonkers is delirious.

Dizzee and pals party on a flatbed truck dressed in Chanel-style quilted padding as it bombs through Stockholm, captured by the ultimate fish-eye - an amazing overhead all-seeing 360º camera.

Four-man Swedish collective Popcore have a fine track record in Swedish and US vids but this, remarkably, is their first British vid. Surely the start of something. Great stuff.

Ragnar from Popcore on the making of Dizzee Rascal's Popcore

"We're always searching around for new technologies and the camera is actually used by NASA in satellites and also by prisons for surveillance. It's called the Ladybug 2, and its actually six different lenses - there's software in the camera/computer that stitches them all together.

"We did some tests with some post-production friends of ours, and when we got the track in for Bonkers we all thought it had exactly the right tempo and energy to use it. But the only camera we could find in Europe was in Paris, so we had to fly in the camera and operator to Sweden.

"We also worked with Ellinor Eklund - a really great stylist who was working with Robyn on Konichiwa Bitches. We had a great dialogue of dressing the whole lorry in fabric. Made a nice change from working with wood.

"We actually shot it in two passes - firstly fixed on top of a normal car driving around Stockholm, and then we shot Dizzee and the dancers on the truck in a green-screen studio. It was a bit too risky to do it for real. But then we worked with brilliant post guys at Chimney Pot here in Stockholm who put the two together.

"And Dizzee was really great. We had a really long shooting day but he was going for it in every shot. He's really cool about what he's doing, so he's very open to new ideas."

Watch 'Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers by Popcore ' here


Production CompanyColonel Blimp
Executive ProducerJohn Hassay
Director of PhotographyJallo Faber
OnlineMarkus Lundqvist
EditorRobin Siwe
CommissionerElin Carlsson

David Knight - 12th May 2009

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