David Knight - 9th Dec 2008

She travelled to Nazare to seek out the traditional fishing community that lives and works there.

The place has inspired image-makers down the years - as Cristiana points out below.

Following in their footsteps, and in the spirit of the Dido project, the resulting film Fisherman - for the track The Day Before The Day - is evocative and illuminating.

"The opportunity to work on projects like this don't come knocking at your door very often. Ironically I was on my way home to Portugal for an attempt of a holiday when I got the proposal from Sony BMG. The second I read it and I heard the track it reminded me so much of the Portuguese Fados from my childhood.

"The Day Before The Day is a melancholic song but with such a beautiful feeling of fatality and nostalgia that it instantly sprang to my mind the way fishermen live: their struggle, the beauty of the sea, the loved ones they lose and the way they carry on no matter what. I chose Nazare to film because not only it's such a beautiful place but I knew I could find a genuine feel of tradition - most of the people there are fishermen and have been fishermen for many generations.

"I am eternally grateful to the people of Nazare for allowing me to be part of their lives however briefly."

Watch 'Dido’s Safe Trip Home films: The Day Before The Day' here


DirectorCristiana Miranda
Director of PhotographyWill Humphries
ProducerBruce Williamson
Camera operatorAlexandre Valentim
CommissionerSemera Khan
CommissionerLaura Lewis

David Knight - 9th Dec 2008

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