Best Music Videos of 2019: Narrative

Our second playlist in our round-up of the best videos of 2019, covers non-comedic narrative work, the backbone of so many music videos. And this has been another exceptional year for narrative.

Promonews - 30th Dec 2019


Best Music Videos of 2019: Animation

We begin our review of the music videos of the year with our choice of the best animated videos of 2019. As ever, there were some remarkable applications of animation in this year's choices.

Promonews - 29th Dec 2019


The Best Music Videos Of The Decade: 2016 - 19

And so to our final part of our look back at the decade that is about to pass into history. This takes in the final four years of the Twenty Tens, and our list shows how this period started …

David Knight - 28th Dec 2019

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The Promonews Roundup


Promo News' Favourite Music Videos of 2015

And so we get to the real toughie in our round-up of the year. In fact, it was so difficult to choose our favourite videos of 2015, and keep it down to a reasonable number, this year we decided …

Promo News - 22nd Dec 2015

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