Video Mixtape by Phil Sansom

Phil Sansom, one half of the directing duo Diamond Dogs (with Olly Williams) behind excellent videos for The Hoosiers, Sonny J, The Cribs, Maximo Park and many more - and demon drummer in Eighties …

Phil Sansom - 20th Feb 2009


Video Mixtape by Lung

(Lung, uniquely talented creator of "eye-weepers" like Trans Am's Tesco Vs Sainsbury's and Ladyscraper's Thou Art Fucking Dead, and a rather more gentle effort for Bomb The Bass, now presents his …

Lung - 16th Jan 2009


Video Mixtape by Sarah Chatfield

Yes, Sarah (or "Chatters", as she is known over at Colonel Blimp, and elsewhere) has courageously stepped up to the plate with a pre-Christmas selection of music video goodies (previously …

Sarah Chatfield - 19th Dec 2008


Oliver Sudden's Urban Playlist

Wot do you call it Urban Well, yes, let's go for Urban. I wanted to research this and get it right. So I consulted MOBO for the definitive answer "black music born out of adversity that has evolved …

Oliver Sudden - 17th July 2008

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