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Video Mixtape by Lung

Promonews - 16th Jan 2009

(Lung, uniquely talented creator of "eye-weepers" like Trans Am's Tesco Vs Sainsbury's and Ladyscraper's Thou Art Fucking Dead, and a rather more gentle effort for Bomb The Bass, now presents his own Mixtape of favourites, rareties and all-round splendid head-banging videos and tunes. It's ace - although we wouldn't advise you to watch the (amazing) first one whilst you eat your lunch. So pump up the volume - and bring on more Mixtapes!)

this playlist isnt themed, its just what i consider to be good videos, and when pushed i would say theyre pretty much the best of the bunch of proper commissioned vids out there. i guess i might have changed the lot if i spent more time thinking about it, but this is the initial gut instinct, and you gotta go with that, so im gonna call it the ' i guess i might have changed the lot if i spent more time thinking about it, but this is the initial gut instinct, and you gotta go with that mix 09'. or 'igimhctliismttaibtitigiayggwtmix'09' for short.[/youtube]

Tim Simenon & Stacy Peralta/Attack this is like a feature length music vid that i used to watch nearly everyday, i cant think of a better marriage of sound and vision, i truly love every second of it, some of the editing and chroma sequences in it are amazing, at the time it was as if you went to your favourite secret place to hang and found your favourite band there cooking up your favourite food and they say hey, weve cooked far too much, sit down grab a paper plate. and from now on your sponsored by dr pepper and troop. and you generally look better. and your asthma clears up.[/youtube]

MIA/Boyz effortless economic wacomism, flashing borders make me happy as do dance troops who dance without any idea theyre going to in some 5 colour epileptics nightmare. maybe they knew i dunno, i can imagine them showing their friends going 'thats me right there, the one with the pixel worms coming out my head'. i think you could take almost every frame from this video and make postcards out them and then send them to all the video commissioners in london and ask why they think its not acceptable to get acid frazzled teenagers who wear ALF t-shirts to make videos using paint shop pro, and pay them the same money as they pay some ass-clown with cinematic aspirations who show us what the lyrics say in mind numbing well-lit detail.[/youtube]

Lightning Bolt /13 Monsters this cant be beat, its hard not to make anything too bad when you got a hyper sonic spaz workout happening in the track, but this is beyond, paperrad blow their load on the animated video of the decade, this cannot be bettered. its just insanely good, people cant get close to this shit cos it requires the slack placement and movement of good characters, and they got that spilling out of their c-drives, if theres a better animated vid out there i'll eat my dinner. the point being that i don't want any dinner.[/youtube][/youtube]

Sonic Youth/Teenage Riot i dont think there need be any more sonic youth videos after this one, they should just have this for all their songs, its pure them and ive never seen a more illustrative 4 minutes about this or any band band ever, you know who they are after this, and when you cant get your heroes you film off the telly, its like cheap casting, i once sat through an afternoon of their home made videos an stuff, it was good but its nice to see it all in 4 minutes or whatever it is, like just seeing the best of youve been framed instead of the whole series. the actual content of the video is like if you run through the lounge of a squat art collective with glue on and you come out with lots of vhs's stuck to you, where all the people have done their bad art vids and stuff for friends bands, but somehow when you put them all together even seemingly roping in a blind editor it comes out as pure win.[/youtube][/youtube][/youtube]

Cramps/Napa State Mental Hospital not strictly a music video in its full form, but this clip comes in a 3 minutes or so so it is a music video. i love this for many reasons, firstly im a sucker for the cathode tv blur thing, i have this on dvd without the interference and its much better here. the second is the fact that it difficult to tell who the mentals are here, this isn't cash at folsom prison or metallica filming in san quentin to cash in on cash, this is the fucking cramps playing way i walk surrounded by crazies. its beautiful i think. in quality and spirit.[/youtube]

Pixies/Velouria i recorded this off the tv onto hi 8 years ago because i thought one day it would not be on, and i wanted to somehow save it, like noahs arc, but i would have this one go in on its own, i wouldnt want anything to fuck with this.
i think its insane, i mean, everyone has thought at one time hey why not just do one a slo motion vid right but have just one shot, then you think and think about narrative and twist n stuff and you end up feeling crap cos you cant think of anything too great, well these guys said slow it down, yeah slow it down, i guess really slow and then have them just run, no, no, no, erm, this could end in tears if..... johnson what did you say there in socks okay okay maybe in i said rocks sir, ok, okaaay, mmm, think, think, erm, ok on rocks, where can we get rocks shall we make rocks.
this is serious like the news. if you dont think this is good you need to put creative review down and go for a walk and think about what youve done/havent done .[/youtube]

Bomb The Bass/Beat Dis there was a time when lifestyle expose was the main criteria for a good vid, im down with that, to see tim sim, rocking over to harings place and then buying cheap shades and hats or whatever you do when your on tour in the 80's, is just plain good to see, split screen and city shots with sped up bits like your in the back of a taxi sicking up a street dog, it smells of international globetrotting, when i say to people this is one of my fav vids theyre like oh yeah back in the day then they talk about bottle tops on your boots or whatever but this isnt nostalglia, i hate nostalgia its just a brilliantly well put together video to go with the track. it should play on big screens hanging from blimps hovering over the city every morning. and then maybe at night too at around 10:30pm.[/youtube]

Promonews - 16th Jan 2009


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