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Eminem 'Houdini' by Rich Lee

Promonews - 3rd June 2024

More than 25 years since Eminem first created his iconic alter-ego, Slim Shady is back - and Em puts the old team back together, including director Rich Lee, for the hugely entertaining video for Houdini.

With cameos from 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, comedians Shane Gillis and Pete Davidson, and a significant supporting role for Dr Dre, plus a comedic, comic book-style structure, it's a throwback to those classic Eminem videos of yesteryear - including a reappearance of Eminem's Rapboy character, who first appeared in Joseph Kahn's video for Without Me.   

Filmed through Synapse Virtual Production, there is a huge amount of fun to be had seeing the current Eminem squaring up to the version of himself that dominated early Noughties rap like a colossus - and looks completely unchanged, thanks to the eerily clever use of AI to bring the Real Slim Shady back.

And Lee, who's been directing Eminem vids since the Noughties, orchestrates a very enjoyable outcome to the ensuing fight - for the first track released from upcoming new album The Death of Slim Shady

Promonews - 3rd June 2024

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Rich Lee
Justin Diener
Kathy Angstadt
Lisa Arianna
Production Company


Director of Photography
Chris Probst


Metaphysic Ltd
VFX Supervisor
Jo Plaete
VFX Supervisor
Chris Ume
Post production company
Flawless Post

Promonews - 3rd June 2024

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