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Allegra 'Amazing' by Rupert Bryan

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2022

Rupert Bryan directs a sun-soaked promo for regular collaborator Allegra.

The video for Amazing sees Allegra partying with the girls at a pool party, sailing across the ocean and cruising around in a car with the wind in her hair, in a concept pulled straight from a daydream - and filmed in Mallorca in October. 

The bright, warm aesthetic perfectly suits the upbeat track, and a mixture of different shooting formats - explained in more detail below - adds a fresh energy to the visual - Rupert Bryan's sixth video for the artist in the past four years.

"This was shot in October in Palma De Mallorca with sea, sand and sunshine - breaking away from the UK downpours felt like a super treat," he says.  "We cast the girls locally in Palma - thanks to Guillermo Martinez Perez de Rada - who did a great job. I wanted to keep the team small so we could move fast around the locations so I came from the UK with a production assistant, camera kit (and the Pioneer decks, with special thanks to Chris Herbert the manager!!) and hired all other crew, monitors and lighting locally.

"I wanted to work with a Director of Photography who knew the island and had experience in shooting beauty whilst also felt comfortable working in fast changing environments. Alisa Selishchaval certainly did that. We hadn't worked together before but the brilliant photographer Ben Northover (who lives on the island) recommended her and after a few chats about the approach with references, I knew we’d make it work.

"We used a mixture of smaller cameras plus Canon lenses including Canon C70, Sony A7S mark 4, Drones, Canon underwater housing and an Insta 360 camera. Alisa pushed hard to get what she wanted and worked so well under pressure. She really was a real pleasure to work with, and made it look... amazing!

"Allegra’s performance and relationship with the camera has come a long way over the last four years as she has become a more confident, comfortable and mature performer. Her performance style and ability to engage and work the camera is subtle yet warm and she really is a joy to shoot.

"We shot in Andratx on the south of Palma for the house location and the surrounding areas for the Beetle driving and then sailed out on a boat to a beach on the west coast for the golden hour. So, if it's three minutes of escapism you want whilst looking out at the cold and dark skies at 15.15pm... look no further, here it is!"

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2022


  • Director's notes
  • Pop
  • Sun
  • Upbeat
  • Warm
  • Pool party
  • Location
  • Mallorca

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Production Company
Mph Film
Production Assistant
Billy Angel Logistics & Transport


Director of Photography
Alisa Selishchaval
Camera Assistant
George Martin Aplin Stills


Amie Bradley
Beth McKendrick
Beth McKendrick
Wardrobe Assistant
Marga Payeras


Casting director
Guillermo Martinez Perez De Rada
Blanca Creus Mulet, Silva Carbonero, Miranda Reina Molina, Delia Juan Barbosa


Editing company
Motion Picture House


Colour Producer
Nevan Carey
Nevan Carey
Colour grade company
Nevan Carey


Post production company
Mph Film


Artist Management
Chris Herbert Music Management


Radikal Records
Audio Freak Music

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2022

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