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Axel Boman ft Man Tear & Inre Frid 'Out Sailing' by Adam Chitayat

Rob Ulitski - 29th Sept 2022

Adam Chitayat presents an awesome Google Maps-centric promo for Axel Boman by stitching together a jawdropping amount of Streetview images of numerous landmarks, buildings and landscapes across the world. 

With a series of sped-up moves through art galleries and palaces, monuments, stadiums and naturalk vistas, Chitayat creates a universal, expansive-feeling visual that also feels incredibly intimate, given the nature of the visuals.

As he explains, this was a lockdown project that found fruition when combined with Axel Boman's music.

"Over the course of the COVID lockdowns - desperate for the outside world beyond my doorstep, city, state and country - I started crafting a project using entirely Google Maps Streetview Images," says Chitayat.

"I viewed and downloaded the world from my desk, finding amazing spaces, altering, hand-tracking and creating timelapses and shots. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the material - until I heard the latest album from Axel Boman.

"Here was a song from one of my favourite artists with such a propulsive and idealistic reaching out towards the wider world. Letting the wind take us, with love as the sail, a blur of adventure across the planet.

"Special thanks to Axel, Kornel and Studio Barnhus for the trust, a random plugin that let me download raw 360 images and Google for bringing the world to our screens."

Rob Ulitski - 29th Sept 2022


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Rob Ulitski - 29th Sept 2022

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