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Dave 'Starlight' by Santan (Dave) and Nathan James Tettey

Rob Ulitski - 16th Mar 2022

Dave and long-time collaborator Nathan James Tettey reunite to bring a laidback performance promo for the rapper's Starlight. 

Dave's first release of 2022 comes with a slick, understated video which switches between an upmarket London apartment and a professional studio space, which doubles as an ad-hoc fashion runway. 

The abstract, hazy aesthetic suits the decidely relaxed track, which samples a hummed-version of classic Kaye Ballard/Frank Sinatra track Fly Me To The Moon. 

Joined by several models and a couple of mates, the video is a chilled-out, aspirational affair, which feels right at home in the artist's distinctive videography. 


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Rob Ulitski - 16th Mar 2022


  • Aspirational
  • Performance
  • Studio
  • Runway
  • Relaxed

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Santan (Dave)
Nathan James Tettey
Production Company

Rob Ulitski - 16th Mar 2022

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