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Remember Summer 'Out Of Hand' by Gregg Houston

Rob Ulitski - 8th Dec 2021

Gregg Houston directs a poignant promo for Remember Summer on the meaning of loss. 

The video for Out Of Hand is a poetic interpretation of the track's lyrics, and at only one and a half minutes in length, shines brightly and quickly before dissipating suddenly, representing the fragile spark of a relationship. 

Across several poised setups, we see the dreampop duo with tears in their eyes, holding dried flowers, reflecting on memories that are fading away, captured through intimate closeups and delicate camera movement.

"To me the video feels like a mourning to your past lives," says Houston. "There have been times I have felt sadness of never being able to go back to a certain moment with certain people. The memory is strong and it feels like I can almost touch it but it is forever resigned to being just put of reach.

"The lyrics from the song are, 'I miss the country roads, where you were born, the house we knew'. I am far from a nostalgic person. I always feel the best days are ahead and still do. However those words really got me and I projected my thoughts on how Angelina and Paddy [of Remember Summer] must feel when looking back on the imagery from their past."

The video is a series of portraits, the individuals accompanied by the dried flowers and many old photographs, and filmed in Angelina's living room, where she has spent much of the past two years, as she has been shielding from Covid. 

To me the video feels like a mourning to your past lives.

"Over the last two years I have had countless conversations through the window with her," reveals Houston. "So shooting a video in that space I'd looked into so much felt like a triumph in itself. This project was all about the favours and generosity from folk who are too good to me.

"It had been too long since I had worked with Darren Ladbury and by coincidence he had got in touch about wanting a purely creative project, regardless of budget. He was in. My friend who has started a dry flowers business had recently told me how her house had become overwhelmed, and so I offered her slight relief by taking a sixth of what is usually in her living room away for the day.

"I really want to thank Oliver Whitworth at ETC for fitting us in last moment to working with generously bearded Connor Coolbear, and to Jed Darlington Roberts for sorting me out with some smoke grenades which I was shaking with fear about using for some reason."

Rob Ulitski - 8th Dec 2021


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Gregg Houston
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Darren Ladbury


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Gregg Houston
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Connor Coolbear
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Electric Theatre


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Oliver Whitworth

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Kit Hire

Rob Ulitski - 8th Dec 2021

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