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Deap Vally 'Perfuction' by Josh McCartney

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2021

Josh McCartney creates a hyperactive cyberspace on his desktop, for Deap Vally's Perfuction. 

Utilising the neverending abyss of gifs and images available across the web, McCartney cleverly times a scramble of browser windows to the track, creating a mesmerising, over the top montage of imagery. 

Deap Vally superfans will pick out several Easter eggs in the video - including imagery ripped from previous videos - and whether you're familiar with the group's previous videography or not, you're sure to love this hypnotic joyride.

"For a song like Perfuction, the only logical approach was to create the most "fuck it, whatever" video imaginable - surprised it even got approved," comments McCartney.

"The whole approach actually entailed sourcing the majority of the images and gifs into multiple standalone browser windows, which were thrown into the allocated screen recorded space in a meticulously choreographed dance that was edited into the chaos it became.

"By slowing the song down by half, we were able to get it all to match up to the song as if I was filming an actual performance video. So yeah, it's 'perfuctly impurfuct'."

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2021


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Josh McCartney


Josh McCartney


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Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2021

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