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The Flitz 'Plain Jane' by Graham Michael Roberts

Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2021

Graham Michael Roberts directs a playful performance promo, for up-and-comers The Flitz.

We follow lead singer Dan Fishlock as he travels from a house in Ealing to the expansive landscapes of Whitstable Bay, before meeting his band members for a climactic underwater performance. 

It's a fun video with charming energy and an entertaining concept, and an excellent introduction to the London-based indie-rock outfit.


A band slowly being swallowed by the sea represents the singer drowning in his problems. 

"The first time I heard this tune I knew I had to make their video. Its not often I come across a song I can listen to after I've finished a video, due to all the endless replays and edits. But with this one, I certainly can!

"With this particular video I wanted to get across to the audience that when our lead singer plays with the band, he feels like he is in a completely different place, a Paradise if you will. But even in Paradise underlying unhappy feelings/issues can set in.

"Taking inspiration from the particular lines in the song 'Never going to fade away' and 'Need a little space to breathe', I thought the idea of a band slowly being swallowed by the sea would represent the singer drowning in his problems. Until ultimately, he takes the time to reflect ( when he looks in the mirror) with the final shot being him coming up for air.

"It was shot in Ealing and a freezing Whitstable Bay."

Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2021


  • Indie Rock
  • Performance
  • Ealing
  • Whitstable Bay
  • Underwater

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1st AD
Brendon Hargreaves


Director of Photography
Ronan O'loughlin
Focus Puller
Elizabeth Owen


Art Director
Charlie Brookes

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Alex Sadler

Production Driver

Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2021

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