Promonews - 25th May 2021

Colin Read has executed an old-school conceptual idea with real emotional impact for Cautious Clay's Wildfire - from his upcoming debut album.

Within a single set - a darkened sitting room consisting of a sofa and old-fashioned TV on a chest - Read brings all manner of human life and emotion, as the camera sweeps around repeatedly. And while we see each new scenario and are introduced to a new character, there is also a new iteration of the artist performing the song from within the TV.  

“Wildfire explores the fact that people’s intentions sometimes get lost in translation,” says Cautious - aka singer-songwriter Josh Karpah - about the song. “Good intention is not always enough to prevent people’s emotions and insecurities from spiralling. Subtle signals or cues can unintentionally ignite emotions - like a brush fire.”

And the video delivers on the idea explored by Read and Karpah, on how each individual interprets the artist in a different way - heavily influenced by their current situation - alone and boozy; or on the verge of unbridled passion; or displaying the sensitivity of youth; and so on.

The fact that Cautious is not only always changing, but always a really there - a three dimensional head with the TV - seals the deal on this satisfyingly theatrical idea.


The idea we explored [was] how each listener will have their own take on Cautious Clay.

"We loved diving into Josh’s brain, and creating different versions of 'Cautious Clay' the artist.

"Each person that engages with a piece of art - whether music, film, visual art, etc - brings their own assumptions, personality, and ideas into the experience; so each person will experience a piece of art in a unique, separate way. And that’s the idea that we explored here: how each listener will have their own take on Cautious Clay.

"It was fun inventing these different characters, and the corresponding character that Josh put on for each of them."

PRO Credits


DirectorColin Read
ProducerLeon Derriery
Production CompanyPulse Films
Executive ProducerRik Green
Executive ProducerFrancesco Rizzo
Executive ProducerLuigi Rossi
Director of PhotographyDaniel Vignal
Focus PullerBen Elias
2nd ACAlex Huggins
GafferOmar Nasr
Art DirectorLucas Godlewski
WardrobeSasha Skolnick
Make-upSena Murahashi
EditorColin Read
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Grading companyCompany 3
Post ProducerAnna Kelman
VFXJames Siewert
Lead actorCautious Clay
Service CompanyLFR Productions
Director's Rep (UK)Hands London
Other creditsProduction Coordinator: Will Plausse Associate Producer: Nicola Macchintella Script Supervisor: Fernanda De Souza Best Boy Electric (Day 1): Konstantin Lyubimov Best Boy Electric (Day 2):Graeme Dempsey Key Grip: Matt Foundoulis Swing (Day 1): Alex Blum Dolly Grip: Luke Becker-Lowe Set Decorator: Grace Bilbao Makeup Assist: Emma Ando BTS Shooter: Sam McCormick PA: Karoline Iversen PA: Eric Grisanti Cast - Violinist: Rachel Ruggles Painter: Spurge Carter Drummer: Francesco Bass Player: Dan Pappalardo Mover: Dylan Kammerer Flower: Kara Smith Couple 1: Brontez Purnell Gamer: Christian Conoly Gamer: Toby Pannone Couple 2: Nico Teixeira Red Dress: Sarah Pedinotti Guitar: Chris Kyle

Promonews - 25th May 2021

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