David Knight - 18th Feb 2021

The latest for the creative mind of Chad VanGaalen is this wonderful thing. 

VanGaalen, singer-songwriter from Calgary, has been making hugely inventive, very psychedelic animation work for his own music and others for a long while now. This one for Samurai Sword, from his new album coming in March is the beginning of a new chapter in his graphic world.

And you can win prizes, as Chad explains in the YouTube description: "Find all the easter eggs I hid in this video, and enter at https://chadvangaalen.com/samuraisword​.

"To stop myself going squirrely over the last few months I started hiding things as I animated this video. Find as many hidden objects as you can, and enter to win a prize pack of stuff from my studio. There will be one prize every week for three weeks — and then a grand prize at the end. This video is set in the world of “Thrift Drifters”, a new concept I’ve been working on. Welcome to the Thrift..."


DirectorChad VanGaalen

David Knight - 18th Feb 2021

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