Rob Ulitski - 1st Sept 2020

Mark Klassen experiments with light and unique textures in his video for You Know Better.

Transforming the Ontario-based group into live action projections, Klassen creates an ethereal and delicate aesthetic, which is punctuated by a contrasting cascade of glitch art from artist Evan Henderson. 

Unique and wonderfully executed, the final product is a testament to the ingenuity of the creative team, who have taken a simple concept and elevated it with clever visual techniques. 


We're obsessed with experimenting and coming up with new visual techniques. 

"Evan really brought the film to life by taking performance footage captured on green screen through the chroma key process and putting it onto a timeline mixing together the various angles that made up the coverage of the song.

"Essentially we did two rounds of editing to piece together all the assets and textures that brought this video to life. I think we're all kind of obsessed with experimenting and coming up with new visual techniques. We each bring our own skill set to the table, and together we work really well."

PRO Credits


DirectorMark Klassen
ProducerMark Klassen
Production CompanyMade Withrevere
Art DirectorHope Little
EditorEvan Henderson
Editing companyEvan Henderson
Lead actorAaron Brown, Brad Barnham, Stuart Feenstra

Rob Ulitski - 1st Sept 2020

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