David Knight - 18th Aug 2020

Bella Latham aka Baby Queen's tale of detachment from supposed 'fun times' provide rich pickings for animator Kitty Faingold in the entertaining lyric video for Buzzkill.

Faingold renders Latham's boredom at a party like an illustrated Dear Diary, shown in hypercolourful tableaux of her night's progress, accompanied by autobiographical text - and usually a helpful finger following the singing of the words.

The illustrations are not quite of the blackly humourous variety of Faingold's films like Hell Hath No Furie, but psychedelic enough to be a good fit for Baby Queen, one of those Charli XCX-inspired new cool girls on the block...      


DirectorKitty Faingold
ProducerA King For A Day
Production CompanyCurly
Executive ProducerJulia Frost
Animation DirectorKitty Faingold
CommissionerJoanna Szyczewska

David Knight - 18th Aug 2020

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