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Moby 'My Only Love' by Zombie

David Knight - 30th July 2020

After winning a D&AD pencil for their film for the Born Free Foundation, Brazilian animation studio Zombie has now collaborated with Moby with a shattering take on a subject close to their hearts - the rampant destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

In a story created entirely in CGI, the video for My Only Love chronicles the heartbreaking separation of a leopard and her cub, as the forest is terrifyingly razed to the ground around them. What you see in the film is a meticulously recreated version of the real rainforest - the same plants, animals and landscape, perfectly replicated  in stunning 3D animation.

It's a work of imagination, that could only be created in animation, in order to tell the story of a catastrophe. It is not much of a spoiler, to reveal that there is no happy ending in this scenario. But the real impact is the powerful feeling it leaves with the viewer. It does not shirk from a difficult but unavoidable conclusion: the bad guys are winning. 

• Moby has announced a live Twitch event taking place on August 5th at 9pm, BST. During the program, he will be joined by the Zombie team along with other guests to discuss the realities of deforestation as a result of animal agriculture.


“To work with someone who I’ve always admired is an incredible opportunity in itself. It’s made even better when the task he gives is to send a message to the world about the deforestation problem growing fast in my home country of Brazil.

"Lots of artists gave their best to make this music video happen. Beautiful music, strong visuals, amazing storytelling, it’s got everything we love most at Zombie.”

The goal of this video was to remind people of the ongoing horrors of climate emergency and deforestation.


“It seems as if we’re confronted with new catastrophes on an almost daily basis, but while we deal with these horrors the climate emergency just gets worse and worse. And without the rainforests our planet will quickly become a scorching, uninhabitable wasteland.

"The goal of this video was to remind people of the ongoing horrors of climate emergency and deforestation, as well as reminding people that 90% of rainforest deforestation is a result of meat and dairy production.”

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David Knight - 30th July 2020


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Paulo Garcia
Production Company
Zombie Studio
Production Company
Executive Producer
Josef Byrne
Executive Producer
Natália Gouvea


Animation Director
Patrick Botton
Animation Company
Zombie Studio


Marcio Pasqualino
Colour grade company
Psycho N' Look


VFX Company
Zombie Studio


Creative Director
Daniel Salles
Animation Producer
André Carvalho

Other credits

Account Services

Stefanie Dias

Original Script

Paulo Garcia

Script Adaptation

Natalia Mamede

CGI Lead

Wallan Oliveira, Claudio Junior, Rafael Segnini

Technical Director

Wallan Oliveira

Technical Supervisor

Isaac Buzzola

Storyboard and Animatic

Saulo Brito and Gabriel São Marcos

Lead Modeller

Mauricio Sampaio

Lead Look Development

Claudio Junior

Lead Composition

Leandro Amorim, Isaac Buzzola

Concept Art

Estevão Teuber, Anna Caiado, Feppa Rodrigues.

Live action director

André Lefcadito (Estilingue Films)

David Knight - 30th July 2020

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