Rob Ulitski - 26th Feb 2020

Following on from the humourous yet tragic narrative in Everybody Breaks, director Ben Phillippo returns with his video for Ivan & Alyosha's Hit The Floor. 

Paul Melendy plays the convenience store owner who, having set fire to his convenience store in the last video, is now on the run. Searching for solace in an unremarkable motel, he connects with a young woman, who is also looking for a way out of her tedious day-to-day life. 

Exploring guilt, frustration as well as second chances at love, Hit The Floor is a charming and uplifting vision from Phillippo, who cleverly weaves together humour and emotion to create this well-rounded narrative.

As in Everybody Breaks, the visual utilises desaturated colour palettes and slow camera movement to anchor the video in the real world, creating a universal experience that anyone could relate to in their own lives. 


DirectorBen Phillippo
ProducerCara Campanelli, Katherine Griwert
Production CompanyInbound
Make-upJoe Rossi
Lead actorPaul Melendy, Abbey Shaine Dubin
CommissionerInuka Bacote
LabelNettwerk Records

Rob Ulitski - 26th Feb 2020

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