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Vega Almohalla 'En El Aire' by Alex Esteve

Rob Ulitski - 5th Feb 2020

Exploring the perpetual terrain of an isolated desert, Alex Esteve's video for Vega Almohalla leads us on a surreal journey where the concept of reality is questioned at every corner. 

Enveloped in a stylish red dress, Vega is a beacon of energy in the opening shot, the only person visible for miles. Jumping right into a captivating performance and invigorating choreography, the simple concept for Esteve's video for En El Aire is elevated by DoP Islada's attention to detail, mixing super wide drone shots with close-ups of Vega's makeup and accessories, creating an erratic yet strangely tranquil vibe. 

Clever tricks such as a gravity-defying incline bend, and a shot of Vega floating high above the desolate mountains, helps query the concept of what is real and what is not - and adds a layer of fun and vibrance to the video. A scattering of props such as mirrors and fabric complement both the concept and stripped-back colour palette, and help to flesh out the themes and metaphors hidden within.


"In this video we mixed surrealist and visual moments with choreographic and hypnotic movements of the artist. We're between reality and nowhere at all times. 

"Due to Vega's exotic style, there are a lot of shots of her lips, hands, and her very captivating eyes that grab the viewer's attention from the very first moment. Desert, wind, cloths, mirrors and other objects play as complementary characters to complete the picture.

"When record label Mushroom Pillow asked me to write a treatment for Vega Almohalla I was convinced that this had to be the story, and I'm thankful for all of the crew who helped me achieve this music video on a one-day shoot, with all the challenges that comes from shooting in the desert."

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Rob Ulitski - 5th Feb 2020


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Ana Gámiz
Production Company
Executive Producer
Alex Borneo
1st AD
Azahara Memberg


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Ianire Beriain
2nd AC
Pablo Engo


Pablo Miralles


Art Director
Jorge Ago




Mushroom Pillow

Rob Ulitski - 5th Feb 2020

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