Rob Ulitski - 5th Feb 2020

Travis Barker sets the beat for a mind-bending hallucinatory vision in Andrew Sandler's video for Gimme Brain. 

Celebrating the announcement of his record label DTA Records back in December, the Blink 182 drummer confidently shifts gears into the militaristic hip hop beats on this track, joined by former collaborators Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. 

Sat upon a hexagonal platform in a barren warehouse, Barker is in his element as he performs, intercut with a series of surreal, neon-lit vignettes. Ranging from a girl with a tentacle tongue to a melting green LaFerrari, there is no real structure to the chaos that ensues but it conjures an excitement of the unknown, and nostalgia for the artists' boundary pushing work in the early 2010s. 

DoP Maz Makhani handles the cacophony of colour and VFX superbly, balancing the more vivid imagery with colder desaturated setups of Barker. Jordan Wozy's quickfire edit also hits the mark at every point, maintaining the right pace with ample breathing room for the more spectacular shots to linger for a few moments. 

PRO Credits


DirectorAndrew Sandler
ProducerAndrea Saavedra
Production CompanyUnderWonder Content
Executive ProducerFrank Borin
Executive ProducerIvanna Borin
Executive ProducerMarco De Molina
Director of PhotographyMaz Makhani
EditorJordan Wozy
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Grading companyCompany 3
Director's RepresentationHart Represents

Rob Ulitski - 5th Feb 2020

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