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Lucky Chops 'Traveler' by Daniel Almagor and Raman Djafari

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2020

New York-based mini-brass band Lucky Chops have turned to the Hamburg-based illustrators and animators Daniel Almagor and Raman Djafari to visualize their rousing instrumental track Traveler, and the result is a genuinely surreal work of imagination.

Almagor and Djafari have been working together as animators since 2018, and have created some wonderfully surreal extensions of their imaginative illustrative work for Fjaak before this. The video for Traveller is a a combination of animation techniques, with hand-drawn characters in a crazy mixed-up CGI world in which smalltown life is disrupted by the arrival of a fantastic carnival-like parade. It's strange, unclassifiable and exhilarating.

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2020


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Jazz
  • Brass

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Daniel Almagor
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Lucky Chops

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Charly Spies and Inger Bierma

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2020

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