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Låpsley 'My Love Was Like The Rain' by Camille Summers-Valli

David Knight - 15th Nov 2019

After a long break, Holly Lapsley Fletcher - aka Låpsley - is back with a new song, and a visual from Camille Summers-Valli that grabs the attention with its beauty and mystery - and riffs on the watery subject of its title.

Summers-Valli's eye lingers over remarkable moments for For My Love Was Like The Rain - at a swimming pool, a dancefloor, a country road lit by forks of lightening, the roof of a tall building. The focus of the video is a young girl, and a teenage boy. At the pool, they are serious or stressed; on the crowded dancefloor they are released and happy - and so is Låpsley.

With the studied, stills-like cinematography of Maximillian Pittner, and the use of slow motion in these apparently unconnected images, Summers-Valli creates a wonderful dreamlike sensibility, with some really striking imagery.

It adds up to strong reintroduction to the artist, with a track taken from her forthcoming EP, These Elements. It's also an impressive statement by Camille Summers-Valli, her first music videos since two for Kenzie last year. 

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David Knight - 15th Nov 2019

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David Knight - 15th Nov 2019

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