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Two Door Cinema Club 'A Small Film About A Concert' by Gregg Houston

David Knight - 2nd Oct 2019

Later this month Two Door Cinema Club headline the O2 in London for the second time. This is what happened the first time they played there in 2013 - through the prism of tilt-shift photography.

This Lego-fied version of the gigantic arena, as the crew prepare the stage, the build-up and the actual event was devised by Gregg Houston - who also shot the show in a more conventional manner - and photographer Matt Wicks. 



"In 2013 I had the pleasure of directing a team to film Two Door Cinema Club at the O2 Arena in London . They are playing there for a 2nd time in October and recently I’ve seen some of the footage from that night in 2013 doing the rounds.

At the time it was their last show for nearly 2 years and when they came back it was all about new stuff. As a result this footage just sat on a hard drive in a drawer. I decided to take a look back at it.

I had hired a great photographer called Matt Wicks and told him how I wanted to get something a little different with the coverage and had the idea of producing a tilt-shift piece about the night. We looked at various references and then picked some angles on the day of the shoot. I said cheerio to him before soundcheck and don’t even think I saw him at dinner. He took thousands and thousands of shots.

They were never really used at the time and when I went back into the edit I fell in love all over again. I put together this short film about the night.

If nothing else this should inspire you to get a ticket for the show. Lots of love to the team who worked on this with me and to Sam, Kevin and Alex for having us.

David Knight - 2nd Oct 2019


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David Knight - 2nd Oct 2019

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