Rob Ulitski - 4th Sept 2019

Lola Kirke is transformed into a prim and proper matriarch in Kirke’s latest music video for her single Mama, directed by her sister and actress/director Jemima.

The visual follows the leading lady - played by a made-up and aged Kirke - as she abandons performance and gives in to glutinous temptations. Focusing on her isolation in a space that is meant to be home, but feels cold and alien, Kirke's character is reflecting on her circumstances, and whether life is stacking up to what she expected it to be. 

Lensed by Rafe Scobey Thal, the video is drenched in natural sunlight, which brings out the location's natural beauty and elegance, and also accentuates the clever aging makeup by Ruthie Weems. Lola Kirke is great in her role too, putting her all into a character who is lost at a late stage in her life, and who has decided to abandon what it means to be a "real lady" to start living on her own terms. A great little video with a well executed, simple concept. 


DirectorJemima Kirke
ProducerRaquel Balsam
Production CompanyMinusl
Executive ProducerCraig Dibiase
Production ManagerLaura Cartagena
Director of PhotographyRafe Scobey Thal
Make-upRuthie Weems
EditorSophie Corra

Rob Ulitski - 4th Sept 2019

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