David Knight - 25th Feb 2019

This excellent video for Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist Olivia Bartley, aka Olympia, follows the theme of her power-pop banger Shoot To Forget, exploring the idea that we hide our true selves from the world. And under the guidance of Leilani Croucher, Olympia becomes a master of disguise. 

From bride to vamp, mourner to figure skater, and then, something less easily definable (court jester?), Olympia assumes the roles, transformed by Gavin Anesbury's hair and makeup. The set-up is simple, against black, but Leilani Croucher keeps it riveting throughout, through lens distortions, blurring these characters, and a brilliantly kinetic, musical edit by Scott Stirling.


The film is a performance piece, exploring the different characters and personality types that live inside Olympia, and us all.

"Shoot To Forget explores the notion of something we all do; play a part, put on a face, show the world a version of ourselves that isolates us, and protects us from ourselves.

"The video expresses this idea of hiding from reality and putting on a front for the world. A stylised and amplified love letter to all the parts we push down, all of the parts we hide away.

"The film is a performance piece, exploring the different characters and personality types that live inside Olympia, and us all. Shoot To Forget becomes a heightened portrayal of the characters and emotions that we often don’t want to see. It’s an abstraction of the Pop Star, and a look into the personas we all play."

PRO Credits


ProducerIsabella Vitelli
Production CompanyRevolver/ Will O'rourke
Executive ProducerMichael Ritchie
Executive ProducerPip Smart
1st ADJose Marquina
Director of PhotographySimon J. Walsh
Focus PullerJani Hakli
2nd ACKhoa Le
GafferPete Sutton
WardrobeMillie Sykes
Hair & Make-upGavin Anesbury
EditorScott Stirling
Editing companyThe Glue Society Studios
ColouristScott Stirling
Post ProducerBonnie Law
Other creditsGrip: Mick Leslie Grip Asisst: Sam Leslie Flame Artist: Brad Smith Runner: Eloise Boutry

David Knight - 25th Feb 2019

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