Promo News - 4th Feb 2019

Raoul Paulet brings handcrafted invention and a distinctive sense of style to his video for Italian singer Ainé.

It features some intriguing sculptures, mobiles and other objects, crafted by Paulet, art director Urte Janus and their team from natural sources – and also the model Monika Matukaite. 


DirectorRaoul Paulet
ProducerCecilia Linares
Production CompanyHuman Patterns
1st ADArturo Baldinelli
Director of PhotographyRuaraid Achilleos
Focus PullerChris Steel
GafferPete Banks
Art DirectorRaoul Paulet
Art DirectorUrte Janus
Lead DesignerAlessandra D’Innella
WardrobeMasha Mombelli
HairBirte Klintworth
Make-upVirginia Bertolani
EditorRaoul Paulet
Lead actorMonika Matukaite
CommissionerGabriele Minelli
LabelVirgin Records
Other creditsSenior Designer: Set Decorator & Art Department Assistant: Giona Fiorentino

Promo News - 4th Feb 2019

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