David Knight - 15th Jan 2019

New director Keane Shaw does a splendid job dramatising the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Slaves' Laurie and Isaac, for Photo Opportunity.

Like mini-versions of the men they would become, these two pre-teenage boys get together to goof about, get cool haircuts, have daft laughs, and fight the good fight against suburban boredom in the last days of a grey English summer.

Reflecting the melancholic and mostly quiet track, it's bittersweet and nostalgic, well shot by DoP jack Maddison, and filmed in Isaac's hometown, Tunbridge Wells. 

PRO Credits


DirectorKeane Shaw
ProducerVanessa Mc Donnell
Executive ProducerRamy Dance
Director of PhotographyJack Maddison
Focus PullerBradley Stearn
EditorCharlie Von Rotberg
ColouristJack Maddison
CommissionerJames Hackett

David Knight - 15th Jan 2019

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