Promo News - 14th Jan 2019

Director and DoP Matthew Bendure creates a video entirely composed of landscapes for B.R. Lively. Each scene happens in an iconic place in the Californian desert, featuring a magnificent sky - and also featuring a figure (presumably Lively himself) as a silhouette against that sky. In that way he turns this mysterious guitar player into a near-mythical figure.


“Chasing every sunrise and sunset we could find, our hopes were of capturing even a glimpse into the essence of the beautiful landscapes that surrounded us.

“We spent time outside Moab, Zion, Monroe, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree sprinting across the desert terrain, scaling hills and boulders, taking full advantage of the small windows of time we had to work with.

“What came out of it was a series of silhouetted portraits that seemed to embody the vision of this song perfectly and propel it back into the wilderness where it belongs. Written in the desert, it has now been brought full circle.

“This song carries with it our own willingness to get in touch with that deep rooted power of our true connection with nature and its ability to carry us forward into new light, new possibility, and new life all with the familiar feeling of coming home; letting go of old thoughts and habits to allow that which dwells in the core of our being and depths of our soul to come alive and be released from our fear of the unknown.”


DirectorMatthew Bendure
ProducerMatthew Bendure
Production CompanyWajfilms
Director of PhotographyMatthew Bendure

Promo News - 14th Jan 2019

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