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The Raconteurs 'Now That You're Gone' by Dikayl Rimmasch

Promo News - 29th Dec 2018

The first of two videos for the returning Raconteurs' new double-A sided single is a visceral work of muscular and beautifully shot direction by Dikayl Rimmasch - and featuring the glamour model and burlesque performer Gia Genevieve.

Rimmasch brings real invention to the band's outdoor performance of Now That You're Gone, intercut with Genevieve, in a gorgeous torment of emotion in a range of lovely undergarments. It all comes together in an explosive climax, and she takes to the wheel of her car, and the object of her rage becomes clear.

“The video is a very rock and roll approach to the wide range of emotions a person goes through when dealing with a broken heart," says Gia Genevieve "Feelings of being weak, angry, vengeful and ultimately the strength to overcome and 'crash' through it all. I had such a lovely time collaborating with such wonderful artists and people.”

Promo News - 29th Dec 2018


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Dikayl Rimmasch
Julian Pinder
Production Company
Deliberate Films


Lead actor
Gia Genevieve

Promo News - 29th Dec 2018

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