Promo News - 6th Dec 2018

Paul Woolford's banging house track gets a mesmerizing visual-cum-lyric video by Layla Atkinson at Trunk Animation, combining stock footage with hand-crafted typography for the words. 

Atkinson gets into the mindset of the song with a contrast between black and white 'city' footage - implying the confining mature of day-to-day life - with the expressive colour and beauty of the natural world.

And with the song's much-repeated lyrical message, that allowed the director to spend time creating each word by hand: each line is created from a stencil that created many copies of the word, each coloured with sponged paint. The copies were then looped, resulting in the finished, uniquely colourful lyrics.


“The track has two distinct moods, before and after the drop. I wanted to visually mirror that audio break using imagery and colour. Before the drop I used and manipulated black and white stock footage, that was very mechanical and structured, over which I placed very colourful lyrics. After the drop I sourced beautiful natural landscape imagery that did not contain any man made structures over which white lyrics were placed.”


"As always it was great to work with the commissioning team at Warner's, and lovely to create another vid that gets you out from behind the computer!"


DirectorLayla Atkinson
ProducerRichard Barnett
Production CompanyTrunk Animation
CommissionerDanielle Barnes
LabelSpinnin' Records

Promo News - 6th Dec 2018

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