David Knight - 20th Nov 2018

This video for a 'punk-prog' outfit with the unwieldy name of Qualia And The Five Ancestors Of The Great Maryland Kingdom is more or less as intricate and involving as their name.

In this clever DIY, no-budget effort, directed by Periklis Ktonas, scenes don't succeed each other. The older ones just recede into the background to be replaced with the next one in the foreground.

It's a very cool conceptual idea, that also happens to be easy to understand - which is not necessarily the case with the narrative. That involves 'The Sketch Regulator' trying to control this disparate set of scenes, and if you're still examining the worlds within worlds on the screen, the past receding into the distance, not quite so easy to follow.

But it's a substantial achievement nonetheless, and by the end of the five minutes length of the video, you can also look back at nearly an hour of footage - it's still on the screen.


DirectorPeriklis Ktonas
ProducerPeriklis Ktonas
Focus PullerUndefined
VFXNikos Tsamasiros

David Knight - 20th Nov 2018

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