Lassamie Prasimay - 15th Oct 2018

Norwegian producer and rising EDM star Alan Walker worked for months with the Chinese superstar Lay, of popular South Korean-Chinese group EXO, to remix Lay’s original track Sheep, creating a new sound for both artists, as well as a new video to accompany it.

The Sheep 'Relift' video plants Lay firmly in the surreal dystopia of Walker's "World of Walker", a sci-fi storyline that started with his Tired video. Directed by Kristian Berg, the apocalyptic feel to the video was accentuated by Deluxe Post London’s Colourist Lucie Barber, who brought out the main tones, of turquoise and yellow, kept the shadows cool, and pushed the highlights to create a natural contrast of colours and the vibrant, cinematic feel to the video.


DirectorKristian Berg
ProducerOda Maroy
Production CompanySxbao Media
Director of PhotographyRobert Erstad
EditorFrederic Esnault
ColouristLucie Barbier
Post ProducerAndrew Dearnley

Lassamie Prasimay - 15th Oct 2018

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