Lassamie Prasimay - 11th Oct 2018

The splendidly-titled 1,000 Opera Singers Working in Starbucks by London trio Wovoka Gentle is accompanied by a suitably wacky cutout animation video created by Kate Woodland, entirely in the vertical format.  

Digitally animated frame by frame, Woodland bring imaginary worlds and characters to life, from floating heads to swimmers in a teacup. It's undoubtedly Gilliamesque, updated and made for your phone.


"The process begins by initially scanning pages from art and culture magazines, using Photoshop I cut out various parts of the images and combine them into a new frame. I manipulate and work into the cut-outs and build the scenes from scratch, frame by frame.

"I met Wovoka last year after a friend introduced me to the band. We discussed working on something together and after listening to the new track it seemed like a great opportunity to make this happen."


DirectorKate Woodland
ProducerKate Woodland

Lassamie Prasimay - 11th Oct 2018

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