Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd Oct 2018

Directing duo rubberband. get their funk on as they reunite with their frequent collaborator Topaz Jones in this dynamic, nostalgia-fuelled split-screen extravaganza.


Director of PhotographySam Cutler-kreutz
Focus PullerMayer Chalom
2nd ACRyan Beggs
GafferJackson Eagan
WardrobeTamara Barkley
HairEugene Williams
HairTiffany Rodriguez
Make-upTiffany Rodriguez
Make-upEugene Williams
EditorKao Cheng Kai
EditorSimon Davis
Director's Rep (UK)Moxie Pictures
Other creditsKey Grip: Jonathan Alvarado Production Assistant: Ian L'Ecuyer Cast: Zahir Ramos, Tamara Barkley, Jesse Brotter, Austin Brandon, Jharis Yokley, Lila Ramani, Myles Gittens, Synclaire Taylor

Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd Oct 2018

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