Promo News - 31st Aug 2018

Balazs Simon's video for EDM producer Leon Lour is nothing less than an animation epic - an 18 minute film for all four tracks on Lour's All Our Dreams EP, in which the car is most definitely the star.

It begins with a red Mustang-like muscle car plummeting through space, from orbit into Earth's atmosphere, towards the ground. But contrary to this apparently perilous situation, on the front seat a smartphone blurts out messages that signal the start of a love affair.

Over the four videos this story of true love runs its course via the car's journey through the skies - falling, then floating over an island paradise, joined by various other everyday objects, until things take a rougher turn once again.

The Budapest-based director Simon - whose previous works for Nils Frahm and Hasse De Moor have gained net and festival attention - has created a series that focusses on the dynamics of love, from the first euphoric moments to the final collapse and break-up, without us seeing a human face.

“The brief was fantastic, there aren't many opportunities to do music videos in a serial form," he says. "So it was instantly something I knew I had to take on.” He's done a great job.


DirectorBalázs Simon
ProducerZoltán Hídvégi
Production CompanyUmbrella
Other creditsGraphics Artist: Péter Kántor IT: Andor Gerebenics Special Thanks: Eszter Kovács

Promo News - 31st Aug 2018

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