Emma K - 31st July 2018

Mike Bruce's video for Noel Gallagher's If Love Is The Law creates a distinct mixture between narrative and performance - and also serves as a trailer for a more ambitious project.

The video is one of seven in a much wider, more complex narrative developed by Bruce for Noel, which will eventually be released as a single longform.


"If Love Is The Law is the fifth video in a series of seven, all of which comprise a chronological storyline about two outlaws who meet and fall in love. As a whole the videos will eventually be released as a film entitled Stranded On The Earth, complete with dialogue sequences and live performances.

"The concept came from a series of discussions I had with Noel over the course of a couple months leading up to the release of Who Built The Moon? When Noel sent me his new album I knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something we’re not used to seeing in a music video format. If Love Is The Law serves as both a standalone video for the latest single from Who Built The Moon? and as a trailer for the film and what’s to come."


DirectorMike Bruce
ProducerMike Bruce
ProducerSalvador Lleo
Production CompanyRazor Tree Films
LabelSour Mash Records

Emma K - 31st July 2018

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