Promo News - 30th July 2018

Ben Adam-Harris at animation studio Broken Antler has created a cartoon tale for JP Cooper, which builds upon the inspiration that the singer-songwriter had when he wrote All This Love. 

"The moment I thought about this song, I was inspired by Tim Burton's work and the new animation, Coco," says Cooper. "When we recorded it, we chose to make full use of morbid sounds, backing vocals and some special effects. I wanted the jerky rhythm of the piano seemed to be maintained by a skeleton - you can almost hear the bones striking each other."

So Adam-Harris and Broken Antler developed the story of a downhearted JP - in skeleton form - as he tries to move on from an ended relationship, looking at the memorabilia of their lives together. There's a performance element too, as the band - in skeleton form - are dotted about JP's house.  

JP daydreams about reuniting with his girlfriend (played by co-singer Mali Koa, in skeleton form naturally), and they float among the stars - before he has to fact the fact that she's moving on.


DirectorBen Adam-Harris
ProducerElaine Adam-Harris
Production CompanyBroken Antler
Post production companyBroken Antler
LabelIsland Records

Promo News - 30th July 2018

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