Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd July 2018

Raoul Paulet's video for London-based Italian duo MwS is an intriguing take on the idea of restoring one's individuality.   

With the scenario developed before a camera in a single fixed position, and told in a single take, this is a theatrical piece that takes us to a strange, almost Oz-like place.

It's set "somewhere in the Cosmos... hidden between worlds old and new," according to the blurb released with the video. "In this place there is a factory. Every day newcomers travel through this whimsical space, where devoted workers - trapped there for unknown reasons - have the unique gift of returning what seemed lost."


DirectorRaoul Paulet
ProducerCecilia Linares
Executive ProducerGiuseppe Percuoco
1st ADArturo Bandinelli
Director of PhotographyDavid Bird
GafferDan McCormick
Art DirectorUrte Janus
Hair & Make-upMartyna Parzniewska
Other creditsCast: Mark Hughes, Jimena Larraguivel, Petra Casale, Rodrigo Penalosa Pita, Pia Laborde Noguez

Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd July 2018

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