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The Shires 'Guilty' by Tim Fox

David Knight - 20th Mar 2018

He's a director renowned for his VFX and motion graphics work, but Tim Fox returns to music videos with a pure pop performance video for British country duo The Shires, shot in Los Angeles.

In Fox's vibrantly colourful, irrepressibly feelgood clip, The Shires are guilty of having fun in the most ordinary places - including the laundromat and the diner - which is enough to get them carted off by the law. But by the end, it's good times for all.


"I got the chance to fly to LA to work with The Shires for the first single off their new album, "Guilty". The track was straight up, unapologetic catchy pop music and I wanted the video to reflect their fun side. Up until this album, they've been known as the most succesful British country act, but for this single they were aiming to go more mainstream.

"We shot a semi-narrative, semi-party video at The Pink Motel in Sun Valley - the go-to place for that 1950s diner/ motel look. It was used most recently for the Netflix series GLOW amongst numerous other promos and films.

"In the video, the band are guilty of having a good time, infecting everyone around them with their catchy riffs. Busted by the cops, Crissie manages to escape by using her charm to handcuff one of the rookie cops to his own car. Don't feel too bad, they all got together at the end for a mad party, so it's all good.

"I wanted to pay special attention to the colour and art direction in each scene, relating colours to specific moods such as joy (yellow), guilt (purple) and hope (orange). Subtle details that might go unnoticed but I felt added to the style of the video.

"This is a massive departure from making metal videos for me. How many people can say they made videos for Napalm Death and The Shires? It was a joy to actually work with colours other than black and very black.

"Special mention goes to the entire cast, who busted moves like no one was watching. Including the cops. Watch out for the older one rocking out later on - he used to be a real LA cop!"

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David Knight - 20th Mar 2018


  • Director's notes

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Tim Fox
Tom Mackay (uk) / Divi Crockett (usa)
Production Company
1st AD
Borjan Jovanovich


Director of Photography
Chris Westlund
Focus Puller
Jimmy Vargo
2nd AC
Rachel Wiederhoeft


Levi Kaminkowitz


Art Director
Kendra Bradanini


Emma Willis
Sara Borgese


Dan Peters


Mel Keyzor


Decca Records

Other credits

Ast Stylist

Racquel Honore

Cast Hair & Make-up

Erik Torppe

Female Patron 1


Female Patron 2

Laura Evans

Male Patron

Faniel Adames

Grizzled Cop

Steven Rizzo

Young Cop

Wade Baker


Jose Madrid


Stacie Capone


Eric Michaud

Car Owner

Massato Di Santo

Female (young Couple)

Arielle Alan

Male (Young Couple)

Michael Wolf

Male Bike Kid

Dominic Buchanan

Female Bike Kid

Mya Woods

David Knight - 20th Mar 2018

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