Promo News - 8th Mar 2018

Eivind Landsvik creates an intimate portrait of Norwegian synth pop artist Kai Gundelach in the video for Past The Building. 

Lansvik directed a wonderful coming-of-age video for Daniel Kvammen last year. This shows another, more ephemeral side of his work, but it creates a mood appropriate to the fragility of Gundelach's music, with its analogue synth sound and falsetto vocals.

“It’s moody in a weird way… slow and pretty, kind of resembling of Jim Jarmusch," says Gundelach. "Eivind had full creative freedom and it’s his vision more than mine. But I’m very happy with the result.”


DirectorEivind Landsvik
ProducerAndreas Bjørseth
LabelTerrible Records / Red Bull

Promo News - 8th Mar 2018

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