David Knight - 17th Jan 2018

Melbourne-based animator Felix Colgrave's exceptional works of imagination, like the award-winning The Elephant's Garden and his epic, two-years in the making Double King, have led to a smattering of music video commissions. And the latest for Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovitz's Flyin' Bamboo is a thing of joy.

Colgrave sprinkles stardust over the wonder of nature, as stalks of bamboo shoot from the earth, sparking a flurry of industrious insect activity. Colgrave's beautifully-rendered cast of characters are complemented with backgrounds painted by Trugglet - that's artist Zoë Medcraft, his fiancée. (via Booooooom TV)


DirectorFelix Colgrave
AnimatorFelix Colgrave
Other creditsPainted backgrounds: Trugglet

David Knight - 17th Jan 2018

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